Cyto-Matrix Inflammatrix - 90 capsules


Indicated for a wide range of inflammatory concerns such as strains, sprains, arthritic pains, sports injuries, post-operation healing, wound healing, headaches, sinusitis and allergic rhinitis

Curcumin is provided as a supercritical extract, without the use of solvents, to deliver the dried herb equivalent of 1200mg per vegetable capsule paired with a reishi mushroom extract, standardized to active polysaccharide content, for a multi-faceted approach.

Inflammation is now recognized as one of the core underlying features of most chronic diseases. Moreover, chronic pain is one of the most common health concerns faced by practitioners today. Natural, effective solutions to reduce inflammation and pain, without hindering the repair and healing processes, are in high demand. Inflammatrix by Cyto-Matrix provides a synergistic blend of ingredients to meet these needs.

As the active ingredient found in turmeric root, curcumin is a powerful anti-inflammatory best known for its ability to reduce discomfort, decrease stiffness and increase range of motion in chronic pain conditions such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. The problem with curcumin is that it is poorly bioavailable in its natural form, limiting its potential as an effective health supplement. Fortunately, technological advances have provided solutions to overcome this bioavailability barrier. For example, a supercritical extraction process using carbon dioxide can provide the Dried Herb Equivalent (DHE) of 1200mg curcumin in just 32mg of material.

Proteolytic enzymes represent another category of clinically useful agents for acute and chronic pain due to their powerful anti-inflammatory, analgesic and fibrinolytic activities. Serrazymes are plant enzymes known to regulate immune cell migration to the site of injury and down-regulate pro-inflammatory prostaglandins and interleukins. Their fibrinolytic activity is particularly useful to prevent scar tissue formation when prescribed synergistically with bromelain.

Bromelain is a natural enzyme sourced from pineapple. Like proteolytic enzymes, bromelain is known to have anti-inflammatory actions, fibrinolytic activity and analgesic effects through its action on bradykinin. Studies show that bromelain is effective for decreasing pain, swelling and joint stiffness in those with osteoarthritis, with comparable effectiveness to diclofenac. Additional evidence exists for its effectiveness in treating acute sinusitis and allergic rhinitis. These actions of bromelain are synergistic with those of the flavonoid compound quercetin that is classically used for its anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory action in allergic rhinitis and associated conditions.

Inflammatrix is an acute and fast-acting anti-inflammatory complex. With a blend of the highly concentrated and bioavailable curcumin, proteolytic enzymes, bromelain and quercetin, Inflammatrix is indicated for a wide range of concerns such as strains, sprains, arthritic pains, sports injuries, post-operation healing, wound healing and headaches. The addition of a concentrated bromelain extract and quercetin make Inflammatrix a good choice for sinusitis and allergic rhinitis as well. Simply put, Inflammatrix is a safe, effective and natural alternative for non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). Available in 45 and 90 vegetable capsule bottles.