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Thriving through perimenopause

A 4 week virutal program designed and led by Dr. Carol Morley to help you understand your cycle and the changes in your body.

The program will help you to:
- Increase your energy
- Balance your mood
- Reduce brain fog
- Improve your sleep
- Increase your libido
- Lose weight
- Reduce signs of ageing


Menstrual Cycle - A Monthly Report Card
Menstrual Cycle - A Monthly Report Card

Every month a woman gets their menstrual cycle, it gives more information on how the body is doing overall.  I liken it to a monthly report card! 

I encourage women to not only track their day 1's of their cycles (first day of flow), but also to track other signs and symptoms.

Low Testosterone in Men
Low Testosterone in Men

The problem of low testosterone has escalated over the years because it naturally declines as we age but this decline accelerates with poor diet and lifestyle.  Low vitamin D levels, chronic stress, lack of nutrient dense foods, lack of exercise, poor gut health, are just a few things that affect testosterone levels.
Pelvic Floor Therapy To The Rescue For Any Age
Pelvic Floor Therapy To The Rescue For Any Age

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