Olive Baby Baby Powder

Olive Baby

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This silky-smooth baby powder keeps skin soft, dry and protected. Arrowroot powder and Kaolin clay absorb moisture while marshmallow root decreases inflammation and creates a protective barrier. Our talc-free and Cornstarch-free formula is safe to use on sensitive skin and diaper rash (formula does not feed yeast). Newborn and up.

Recommended Uses:

  • Apply at every diaper change to keep skin soft, dry and protected
  • Apply to neck creases and chubby little thighs to prevent chaffing and rash
  • Can be used as a dry shampoo
  • Apply before sports onto areas that are prone to rub together causing a rash, and onto sweaty areas to keep them dry
  • Can be used as a foot powder to absorb moisture

Sprinkle powder gently into the palm of your hand and apply to clean skin. Reapply as needed at every diaper change. Do not shake vigorously to prevent breathing in powder.

Arrowroot powder (Maranta arundinacea): This gluten-free starch is light, soft and highly absorbent. Traditionally it has been used to heal skin rashes, sores and wounds (hence the name ‘arrowroot’, which historically was used as a poultice to heal the skin from arrow wounds!).

Kaolin clay: This healing mineral is highly absorbent and is known to improve circulation to the skin (therefore promotes healing), absorb toxins, purify, nourish and heal the skin. It is also known to re-mineralize dry skin.

Marshmallow root (althaea officinalis): This emollient plant is a top pick for inflammation and irritation (both internally and externally). Its powerful healing properties include forming a mucilaginous gel (gummy matter) that protects the skin and holds moisture in. It is also known to take away the pain from bruising, bee stings and skin abrasions!