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Living with vitality and being happy are two health goals we hear from almost everyone we see in our naturopathic medical practice.  

We delve into all the factors that are contributing to your health; discussing sleep, dietary patterns, hormones, digestion, and of course physical and mental stressors.  

We believe sleep and stress management are cornerstones of living well and we provide individual guidelines and resources to address each person’s unique needs.

New Clients: Please book a "New Patient" Naturopathic Visit.

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Dutch Test

Acute and chronic stress play a significant role in your sleep-wake cycles.  The interplay of hormones, melatonin and cortisol specifically, is at the centre of getting good quality sleep.  

There are many reasons for altered sleep-wake cycles and our Naturopathic Doctors strive to figure out the root cause to lay out the ultimate personalized plan; and this may begin with a DUTCH hormone test with the addition of the cortisol awakening response (CAR) kit.

We offer testing kits and packages that include a follow up visit to review your results with a Naturopathic Doctor. 


Massage Therapy

Massage not only feels great, but it physically changes the chemical processes in our bodies to reduce stress, improuve sleep and relieve pain.

Break the cycles of stress, pain, and sleepless nights when you include massage in your regular routine.

Reduced stress and improuved sleep is are just two of the many benefits of regular massage.

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Children's Mental Health

We are also here to help your children with their anxiety and everyday stressors.  

Now more than ever children need guidance and the tools to be happy and resilient.  

Proper nutrition and sleep are the foundation and then we build a plan with other herbs, supplements, and resources according to their individual needs.  

For children under 6, please book a "New Child Patient" Naturopathic appointment for your first visit and regular Naturopathic appointments going forward.

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Hair Loss - You Are Not Alone
Hair Loss - You Are Not Alone

by Carol Morley

For many women with sudden hair loss, it can be a never-ending search for treatments and products and cover-up sprays, filled with disappointment.

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Cold Wet Sock Treatment for Zapping a Cold or Flu
Cold Wet Sock Treatment for Zapping a Cold or Flu

by Zawada Health

A natural method of stimulating the immune system and zapping a cold or flu. The treatment, which is commonly prescribed by naturopathic doctors, involves putting on ice-cold socks and … sleeping in them!!!

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Melatonin – Your Body’s Most Important Sleep Hormone
Melatonin – Your Body’s Most Important Sleep Hormone

by Zawada Health

Melatonin has been studied extensively for sleep disorders including insomnia, jet lag and even dysmenorrhea (painful periods). This natural rhythm is so important to ensure quality sleep and proper sleep patterns. 

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