Youthful Glowing Skin eCourse Gift Card

Zawada Health

This is a gift card to redeem Dr. Carol's "4 Weeks to Youthful Glowing Skin" digital course. 

Once redeemed, you will receive 8 pre-recorded video lessons by email, delivered over the course of 4 weeks. 

Twice weekly you will receive an email with videos with a special focus, you will get an action plan for the week, product recommendations, and a meal plan for the day.

You can go through the whole program committing to the action plans and challenges, or by just tweaking your diet. All steps that will move you towards youthful, glowing skin.

The recommended products and supplements are just suggestions.

Education is at the core of this program and by the time you finish, you can expect to have a better understanding of the following:

- Skin is a reflection of what’s going on inside
- How youthful, glowing skin is a commitment to consistency and not a miracle
- Why aging skin is more than just wrinkles
- How external factors like pollution and UV rays and internal factors like hormonal changes contribute to skin health
- What is “inflammaging” , what we can do to combat this process, and how to be proactive in the aging process

Course Curriculum:

Week 1: High level lesson on skin, the skin barrier, skin microbiome, acid mantle; and external/internal factors affecting skin health

Week 2: The diet and skin connection. Inflammatory and anti-inflammatory foods that age skin. The importance of the lymphatic system in youthful glowing skin.

Week 3: What happens physiologically in the skin's aging process. The role of estrogen in aging skin.  Why exercise is an important contributor to youthful glowing skin.

Week 4: Hyperpigmentation, photo damage, melasma; the need for antioxidants; topical skincare powerhouses for aging skin. The need to support the powerhouse of the cell, the mitochondria to improve skin health.